BMW M9 Release Date and Price

BMW M9 There is a very less information regarding the release date of the new BMW M9 as it has been kept a secret by the company, but we could expect it to release in the 2nd half of 2015. Price of M9 is also not known properly, but we could assume it to be in the range of 10-20 million without the taxes. On road price hasn’t been given by the company yet.


The chassis and other proportions of the car are same as the other cars of M series. Efficiency of this car is same as that of all other cars, though being a sports car the fuel consumption may be bit high than other models. But that is not enough not to love this car

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BMW M9 is expected to have either V12 or V8 engine in its long bonnet. To give the car its sporty touch, the top speed of this car has been improved to a 100 kph speed. The weight of the car is reduced due to which the speed have been increased along with the powerful engine. As the predecessors had an engine of 4395 cc, it is expected to be more power in this car.

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